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Crude Oil

PE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED In addition to providing the two largest globally traded crude oils: Brent crude oil and US crude oil contracts, it also provides US natural gas contracts. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most flexible leverage, the most competitive spread advantage, from the most direct source of quotation data from the top banks in the global financial community. It also offers the most innovative documentary system services.

Transaction data

Trading products Code Contract unit Spread Minimum transaction volume Maximum transaction volume
US crude oil USOIL 1000 barrels 40 0.01 hand 100 hands
Brent crude oil UKOIL 1000 barrels 40 0.01 hand 100 hands

Note: * US summer time, Beijing trading time is correspondingly 1 hour earlier

PE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED reminds you to consider the risk of increasing leverage. Relatively small fluctuations in the market may be scaled up and have a large impact on the funds you have deposited or will deposit, which may be detrimental to you and may be beneficial to you. You may lose all of your original margin and you will need to deposit additional funds to cover your position.


Why trade crude oil?

Hedging transactions, reducing trading risk

The two major crude oils currently available for trading are: Brent crude oil and West Texas crude oil, and these two crude oils can be hedged, found to be price-distorted, and look for low-risk arbitrage opportunities.

Low margin and high return

In PE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, the crude oil trading leverage is 100 times, the margin is lower, and the investment cost is lower.

Simple stop loss

In PE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, you can only set a stop loss once, and it will still be valid the next day, which largely avoids the loss caused by forgetting to set the stop loss.

Swap processing using data smoothing

PE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED cooperates with the most authoritative data providers in the industry to adopt the most advanced data smoothing process during the international crude oil main contract swaps, instead of the forced liquidation of domestic crude oil, open positions, no water cost.

Copy order transaction

For some investors who are unfamiliar with crude oil trading, the masters of crude oil trading can choose to directly copy, which can be profitable in the same proportion, which reduces the trading risk of primary investors.

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